Palau‘s Established Leader in Logistics

Palau’s economy consists primarily of tourism, subsistence agriculture, and fishing. Palau has the highest income per capita in the Pacific and the highest level of aid per capita.

Beyond subsistence fishing and a local market, Palau’s sources of income from fishing are from marine food resource exports like Tuna, and also from the sale of licenses to fishing vessels from Japan, China, the US, and Taipei. Relative to its size, Palau has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a well-maintained road network connecting Koror with Palau’s largest island, Babelthuap, and a number of major new road projects are currently underway.

With 21 years on-island experience, CTSI Logistics is Palau‘s established leader in International Freight Forwarding, Cargo Consolidation, Warehousing & Distribution and Logistics IT solutions. No other on-island company can match CTSI Logistics’ competence and experience in the region. Our alliances with industry giants FedEx and Western Union make CTSI Palau a one-stop shop for ALL logistics requirements and more. We also have the following:

  • Exclusive deals with our top clients as their logistics provider
  • Complete logistics services in the island
  • High standard facilities
  • Devoted and hard-working staff

Why Partner With Us?

  • We have an extensive network and sound financial capability with a wide range of services
  • Our strategic network for export/foreign transhipment of tuna will handle connections to Japan
  • Our well-trained and dynamic team members make up some of the most admirable workforces on island
  • Our capability to fill up airline cargo space with fresh frozen tuna from our affiliate alone – Palau International Traders, Inc. (PITI) – on a regular basis
  • We have a sole cargo agency ship with United Airlines flying ROR-GUM-ROR and Korean Airlines & Asiana Airlines flying ROR-ICN-ROR